Fall Clean-Up Time

22 Sep Fall Clean-Up Time



With autumn upon us and leaves beginning to fall from their homes on tree limbs, it’s easy for foliage to start accumulating on the lawn, disrupting the beauty and charm of your gardens and landscape.

A bright green lawn, with no dried clumps of brown and orange leaves lying around, brightens up any property and extends the fresh feel of summer just a bit longer

Staying on top of an autumnal yard clean up is more than just a nice way to keep your home looking fresh well into the fall season. One of the most desirable side effects of a lawn free of dead leaves is the prevention of lawn fungus growth. You may be familiar with brown or straw yellow patches of grass that pop up along a stretch of greenery. These patches, while also formed by improper mowing or too much fertilizer, are a form of lawn fungal disease that can spread and damage the health of your lawn.

As leaves pile up on the ground and sit for too long, they can destroy your grass with disease and mold, for as long as one to two years. Even worse: leaving wet leaves on the ground, inviting a breeding ground and habitat for disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Besides practicing preventative care, a fall clean-up can also serve your home in other ways, such as providing the benefits of mulching. Leaves that have been ground into mulch and then spread out evenly provide an excellent natural way to fertilize your property and protect your soil and perennials until spring. As colder weather arrives, mulch raises the freeze line of your soil, protecting bulbs, trees and shrubs for the next growing season.

If you would like the benefits of a fall clean-up but don’t have the time to do it yourself, Landscape Concepts offers seasonal clean-up, our own brand of Organico fertilization, and mulch installation, among other services. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and ensure your property is properly cared for throughout every season.


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