18 May Perennial Plants for Your Property

Choosing the right plants for your home is more than picking ones that look most vibrant and colorful. The health of your flowers depends on many factors, but the areas where shade falls on your lawn plays a big role in which plants you should choose to surround your home. Have a look at our tips for plants that grow best in the shade and the sun, respectively!

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28 Apr 5 Keys to Landscaping

If you've been wondering what we do here at Landscape Concepts, well, we do a variety of things! Here are five primary services that we offer that you may not know about, and what they entail. If you'd like to learn more about what we do, don't hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to take your call and answer any questions that you may have about your unique property.

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21 Oct Put the Garden to Bed


As we gear up for a less bountiful time of year, it can be tough to remember that building a beautiful garden for the spring season starts now. A “well rested” garden entails cleaning and covering up to stay healthy.

Continue your autumnal labor with these helpful tips to ensure a fabulous blooming season next year.
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18 May Thinking about Hardscaping Projects


An outdoor patio can be a great living space to relax and retreat.  This garden project area can have many interesting features.  A swimming pool would be nice.  A waterfall feature with a small pond with fish could introduce refreshing beauty and calming tranquility to a patio area.

  For an added ambiance to an outdoor area - a fireplace or fire pit can add a focal point to the patio for relaxation and entertainment.   Adding functional stone walls can add depth and beauty to any patio or garden.  Walls can also offer a spot for a collection of colorful containers.
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26 Apr Beautiful Lawns Begin With Spring Fertilizer

Source Images: DSC_0457.JPG (Av: F3.0; Tv: 1/4000 sec.; ISO: 200; FL: 20.0 mm) DSC_0458.JPG (Tv: 1/500 sec.) DSC_0456.JPG (Tv: 1/2000 sec.) Processing: Fusion F.1 (HDR; Mode 1)

Achieving a healthy beautiful lawn requires ongoing maintenance throughout the year. Too much or too little fertilizer will put stress on your lawn.

Your lawn can be a source of pride and beauty to your residence. Fertilizing in the early spring is often encouraged by fertilizer companies, because they know that the proper balance of nutrients is crucial to the health of grass.
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