We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of customized irrigation and sprinkler systems from a horticultural perspective.

Our team of experts work under the guidance of our on-staff horticulturist to design an irrigation system that allows your landscape to thrive. Your system will be designed with separating lawn and planting bed zones in mind—ensuring that planting beds are kept together according to similar watering styles and specific plant moisture distribution needs. Contours of land and soil types are taken into consideration to provide the best system to fit with the particular landscape.

We maintain every system we install throughout the season, beginning in spring by opening the system and ensuring that all zones and heads are operating properly.

Throughout the season, we can come out on a regularly scheduled monthly basis to adjust the system to accommodate for changes in weather patterns, the growth of plant material, and to control excess loss of water on the lawn (if the season is too rainy). Also, if a season is drier than usual, we’ll discuss ways to implement changes in the schedule and adjust the system’s irrigation requirements accordingly if new watering patterns become necessary.

Every year, the system gets shut down and winterized in the fall.

We will provide a detailed estimate, review the system and components that will be used, and discuss materials and labor needed for the ideal sprinkler or irrigation system for your property’s needs.