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28 Mar 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living With Masonry

It’s official: spring has arrived! Now is the time to improve your outdoor living space, and we are here to make it happen. Did you know that we specialize in beautiful custom masonry? We are endlessly creative and can build just about anything that you can imagine! Here are a few ideas to consider. Take a look at these three simple landscaping ideas and use them as a springboard into reimagining your outdoor space!

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18 May Thinking about Hardscaping Projects


An outdoor patio can be a great living space to relax and retreat.  This garden project area can have many interesting features.  A swimming pool would be nice.  A waterfall feature with a small pond with fish could introduce refreshing beauty and calming tranquility to a patio area.

  For an added ambiance to an outdoor area - a fireplace or fire pit can add a focal point to the patio for relaxation and entertainment.   Adding functional stone walls can add depth and beauty to any patio or garden.  Walls can also offer a spot for a collection of colorful containers.
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