Seasonal Bed and Container Planting

Spring, summer, fall and winter we can add color and texture to your outdoor containers and planting beds.  With the knowledge of plant material and an eye for color combinations we can make the smallest to the largest containers bloom and be colorful throughout the season.

We source our plant material for our seasonal containers from quality growers to give our clients top quality material that will last and flourish through the growing season.  Also we can augment established gardens with annuals to add a burst of interesting color throughout the growing season.  Opportunities to give a little spark to a garden are widely available and we have the knowledge of plants and design to create the environment you desire in the following ways….

  • Seasonal container plantings:
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Fall
    • Winter
  • Augmenting perennial gardens with annuals
  • Planting annual borders in garden areas
  • Adding burst of color to any garden