Garden Ideas for Fall

27 Jul Garden Ideas for Fall

It’s never too early to start planning ahead for lush gardens all year long. There’s so much to do in your garden during the fall! Read through some of our ideas for a luscious autumnal yard filled with vegetables, new chances for foliage, and plenty more.

Plant a Fall Garden

Garnish your plate this season with fresh autumnal vegetables. These are some of the best vegetables for a northeastern garden, along with the best ways to maintain and care for them:

  • Arugula is a wonderful autumn annual to plant since they’re prone to cooler temperatures and hate heat. Arugula is ready to harvest about a month to 40 days after planting. An arugula plant will continue to grow if you only pluck the leaves, so steadily planting arugula every two weeks will result in a bountiful harvest.
  • Carrots are best harvested just as they begin developing color. Since they will survive a frost, they’re an excellent choice for a cold weather garden. It’s best to wait for the exposed tops of growing carrots to survive a few frosts before harvesting.
  • Lettuce grows best in full sun or partial shade and can be planted between 4-8 weeks before the first frost. Harvest lettuce by picking the leaves when they’re about two inches long, and extend the harvest by sowing small patches every three weeks. Cold frames or row covers can help lettuce grow into the winter and prevent it from freezing up.
  • Mustard Greens are best planted 3-6 weeks prior to the first frost in full sun or partial shade. Since they grow rapidly, keep their harvest bountiful by giving them continually moist soil.
  • Radishes are frost-hardy vegetables that are best planted about 4 weeks prior to the first frost of fall. Check on them frequently and pluck them as soon as they’re large enough to eat, otherwise they’ll become spicy and woody.
  • Turnips should be planted about 2 months before the first frost. Covering their soil with a thick mulch will also help them survive a frost in the early winter.


Prepare for Next Season in Your Fall Garden

In addition to a fresh vegetable garden, there’s plenty of other options for greenery in the garden during the fall months.

  • Perennials: Don’t be discouraged by perennials that look like they’re dying at the gardening store. They return each year, making them a rewarding choice for your garden. Some of our favorites include Lilyturf, Chinese Lanterns, and Black Eyed Susans.
  • Bulbs: These flowers need cold weather in order to bloom during the spring. Spread compost or slow-release bulb food over your soil to help your bulbs grow vibrant and beautifully over time. Our team loves hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses, and tulips planted in clusters for a colorful spread during blooming season.
  • Shrubs: We love shrubs since they provide a low-maintenance yet lush appearance to any garden. Fothergilla is an amazing choice that grows between 3-8 feet tall. It produces tiny white blooms in the spring but splashes bright red foliage in the fall. Carolina allspice is another wonderful choice for color and a fruity, spicy fragrance for your garden. We also love witch hazel, which blends into the fall with bright yellow, orange, and red leaves that bloom later than most other shrubs.
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