Beautiful Lawns Begin With Spring Fertilizer

26 Apr Beautiful Lawns Begin With Spring Fertilizer

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Achieving a healthy beautiful lawn requires ongoing maintenance throughout the year. Too much or too little fertilizer will put stress on your lawn.

Your lawn can be a source of pride and beauty to your residence. Fertilizing in the early spring is often encouraged by fertilizer companies, because they know that the proper balance of nutrients is crucial to the health of grass.

Plants like grass need certain soil acidity and nutrients to live and grow. In addition to water, plants require air and 16 other elements for essential plant growth. The three numbers on the fertilizer bag indicates the percentage of three essential elements. The first number is the element Nitrogen (N) which is responsible for the dark green color of grass. The second number is the element Phosphorus (P) which is vital for cell division and root growth in grass. The third element is Potassium (K) which helps promote stem growth. The other thirteen elements play a minor part in grass health.

Growing a nice green lawn requires patience, knowledge, and experience. Before you can think about applying any fertilizer, you need to think about testing the soil. Find out about the soil deficiencies, excesses, and the soil acidity with a soil test. Contact us at Landscape Concepts to figure out what your lawn needs to grow healthy.

Another concern with lawn grass is “Crabgrass” which is a difficult weed to control in lawns. It usually flourishes in late summer but is best dealt with in the spring before or during germination. The most common method of controlling crabgrass is the use of pre-emergent herbicides in the early spring as the seed begins to geminate. Are you looking for a better lawn? Contact us for more information.

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