Prepare your Commercial Landscape for Spring

23 Feb Prepare your Commercial Landscape for Spring

It might be hard to imagine while the world is still cold and barren, but spring is right around the corner. It’s time to re-envision your commercial landscaping and plan for the growing season ahead! 

Whether your business has huge grounds for maintenance or tiny window boxes, now is a perfect opportunity to consider how the flora of your commercial business space contributes to attracting new clientele. A beautiful landscape is part of the first impressions your business gives, which can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are four tips to consider as we approach spring:

  1. Snow Stress Recovery 

Check out the edges of your lawns and paths. This is where your landscaping takes the greatest beating from snow plowing and shoveling, as well as snowdrifts and wind collecting debris. First rake or remove litter, sticks, and stones. Clean up the lawn edges with an edger. Don’t forget to trim and prune bushes and trees while it’s still nice and easy to see all the branches before the leaves come in full force. Think of it like a spring cleaning for your yard.

  1. Fluff Up those Lawns

After the muddiness of snow-melt your lawn is ready for a cool aeration. This brings oxygen and revitalizes the microbiome of your dirt, healing damaged or neglected areas. Make sure to give a good dose of fertilizer and compost to restore any depleting effects of the road salt. Then generously seed new grass. Water frequently to help wash away impurities and extra salt.

  1. Think One Season Ahead

You probably have a sense of which spring bulbs you want to plant, but what about summer?

Think ahead: you might as well plant summer bulbs now, while you’re at it with the cool spring season annuals. Heat usually wilts away the initial burst of color in spring and the lush foliage of greens takes over for summer.

To keep the colors going, plant heat-resistant annuals like lantana and petunias. Making sure you have a bright splash of color on your commercial landscaping when everyone else is mostly green is one of those things that can catch the eye of passers-by.

  1. Bring it in

Besides planting new bulbs and perennials, think about transplanting other plants like bushes and trees early in the spring. This visually integrates these plants into the garden when everything emerges in mid spring.

It also is the perfect timing for the plant to firmly establish a new root system for the entire growing season.

Not sure where to begin?

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