3 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living With Masonry

28 Mar 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living With Masonry

It’s official: spring has arrived! Now is the time to improve your outdoor living space, and we are here to make it happen. Did you know that we specialize in beautiful custom masonry? We are endlessly creative and can build just about anything that you can imagine! Here are a few ideas to consider. Take a look at these three simple landscaping ideas and use them as a springboard into reimagining your outdoor space!


  1. Pool Deck and Poolside Gardening


Your pool is bound to be a splash of fun when the heat of summer hits. Even during the early cooler days of spring, many of us crave fresh air and sunlight. What better way to soak it up than lying beside the sparkling waters of your pool? Nothing celebrates spring-like warm, moving waters! Our masterful mason workers can integrate your pool into the surrounding foliage for a nature immersion experience in your own backyard!



  1. Patio Areas, Walls, and Walkway

Don’t want a pool? No worries! A beautifully designed deck or patio area creates an inviting space to spend leisure time outside. Our masonry work can incorporate natural stone found in your area for an even more integrated-with-nature look. Add some raised garden beds alongside your deck or patio, and you’ll want to be out in the fresh spring air nurturing your garden all spring long.  A carefully placed wall can guide the eye along the edge of a yard, garden, or varying level of terrain.


If a wall doesn’t fit in your plan, perhaps a meandering pathway or just a straight walkway would suit your needs, or perhaps it’s time to upgrade the stairs on your property. Knowing where to begin is sometimes half the battle, so don’t hesitate to call to discuss your ideas. We will help narrow down the vast array of ideas into a cohesive plan, customized to your needs and your unique property.



  1. Other Attractive Outdoor Features

If you’re not really interested in gardening, perhaps an outdoor kitchen would be a good fit. Food always brings people together and a Mexican style outdoor oven area or an outdoor bar can be built beautifully using masonry.

As the sun sets and the stars begin to emerge a beautiful bonfire area becomes an attractive place for friends and family to circle up to enjoy the evening together. Nothing says warmer weather is on the way like a warm evening fire roasting marshmallows and listening to songbirds end the day.


Because stone masonry is the art of bonding stones together with mortar, there are endless options for what we can create. With over 30 years experience in the landscaping industry, we can confidently guide and create your vision from start to finish. Call us today for a free consultation and find out what we can do!

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