5 Keys to Landscaping

28 Apr 5 Keys to Landscaping

If you’ve been wondering what we do here at Landscape Concepts, well, we do a variety of things! Here are five primary services that we offer that you may not know about, and what they entail. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to take your call and answer any questions that you may have about your unique property.


Landscape design encompasses anything relating to your property layout, including what types of plants to include and where they would best thrive, what kinds of patio or deck areas you may want to add, and where to include the proper lighting or container plantings as well as walkways, walls, firepits and more. Really, this is sort of an umbrella term which contains all other aspects of what we do, but it is often the first and most important step in helping your family realize your outdoor living dreams come true. We analyze shade areas and review what might change throughout the seasons in that regard, and what plants will not only be beautiful but also healthy and long-lasting in those areas. We then review our goals for where you’d like to have what, such as a vegetable garden, a flower garden, walkways, patios and more. We love collaborating with clients in the design process and we know you will enjoy working with us, too!



Outdoor lighting is an aspect of landscaping that is often overlooked or forgotten about, but it is a key component of your overall landscape look and feel. We can help you determine where to place these valuable aspects and what types of options there are and which might best suit your needs. We not only provide the design and layout of your lighting but the selection and installation as well. We can do this independently of the overall design if all you need is this type of support, or in addition to your overall design project.





Seasonal container and bed plantings are often desirable, especially during the spring and fall months when the seasons are changing. We offer full-scale vegetable garden bed planting and can get you started on the right track to growing your own vegetables! In addition, beautiful flowers in the spring, as well as cold-hardy displays in the fall, are something we offer and many commercial, as well as residential clients, tend to enjoy these in front and out back on their property.




Concerned that your beautiful new landscape won’t get enough rain? Don’t fret! We offer irrigation services in addition to everything else. If you were hoping for a low-maintenance but stunning flower beds on your property, we’ve got you covered. We can easily include this feature with your overall new design project, or we can come and install this feature independently if it is something you’ve realized you’d like to add. It really is a very nice thing to have the peace of mind knowing that your precious investment, your carefully created landscape design is going to be watered automatically all year long! We also maintain and adjust your system according to the seasons.




Lastly, we offer the very important key feature of sustainable turn and garden fertilization and pest management. Our own unique system, Organico Fertilization, will keep ticks and mosquitos at bay, as well as adding the very valuable nutrients that your gardens and lawn so desperately need. This additional service is something we highly recommend and we can offer you this in addition to your full landscape design overhaul, or as an independent service on a regular, seasonal basis. Don’t miss the opportunity to diminish pests and fungus as well as nourish your stunning property in all the right ways!

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