Perennial Plants for Your Property

18 May Perennial Plants for Your Property

Choosing the right plants for your home is more than picking ones that look most vibrant and colorful. The health of your flowers depends on many factors, but the areas where shade falls on your lawn plays a big role in which plants you should choose to surround your home. Have a look at our tips for plants that grow best in the shade and the sun, respectively!

Shade Hardy Perennial Plants

Mojito Foamy Bells

These bunches make a lovely choice for the shadier side of a garden. They grow gold in the spring and turn lime green during the summer, with deep red veins that last throughout the season. Foamy Bells require some pruning and tidying in the spring.


Western Sword Fern

These ferns get their name from the sharp, toothy appearance of their long leaves. Western Sword Ferns can grow up to 2-4 feet tall, making them a great choice for a lush appearance in your yard. These plants require less moisture as they grow older.


Blue Mouse Ears Hosta

These hostas are distinct by their heart-like shape and soft blue color. During the summer, this cute plant breed blooms lavender flowers that attract hummingbirds. This type of hosta is extremely sensitive to hot afternoon sun, so they thrive best in shadier areas of the garden. Within several years of growing these vibrant hostas, they can be divided easily toward other areas of your garden.

Full-Sun Perennial Plants

Pineapple Express Mangave

This Manfreda and Agave hybrid plant derives its name from the pineapple like appearance of its sprouting leaves. Speckled with shades of dark green and blue, the Mangave is a sophisticated choice for the sunnier areas of your garden. This plant grows best in dry to average soil and can be taken inside as a house plant during the winter months.


Veronica Enchanted Indigo

These dazzling plants tend to bloom bright purple flower wands in the late summer and early fall for a lovely burst of color just before the weather grows colder. They require little maintenance and are best pruned after blooming to remain healthy. They make a beautiful choice not only for gardens but for outdoor containers and baskets, as well, so long as they’re watered frequently.


Sugar Plum Mullein

This dwarf mullein provides a lovely splash of plum purple during the late spring and early summer months. Its frost resistance and drought tolerance makes it an easy plant to manage, and its large soft petals attract butterflies and hummingbirds alike. They survive best as border edging plants and for naturalizing and woodland gardens.


Feeling inspired to even out the plants in your garden? Contact us for a consultation to ensure the sunny and shady corners of your home and garden pop with colorful plants all year long.

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