4 Reasons It’s Time to Get A Pool

22 Jun 4 Reasons It’s Time to Get A Pool

As the summer temperature starts creeping up, you may be finding yourself feeling less and less motivated to jump in the car for a trip to the beach. Our team at Landscape Concepts has the perfect solution for a summer amenity for you and your family to enjoy — an in-ground pool!

An Incredible Amenity for Kids…

An at-home pool provides endless benefits for children of all ages. Kids can get ample exercise not just from swimming but from playing games with family and friends all summer. For little kids who have trouble falling asleep, having a pool might also help create a more regulated sleep schedule during the summer since playing in the water is proven to make people feel more tired. Personal pools also make an ideal venue for birthday parties, barbeques, play dates, and more. Lastly, soaking up the sun with your kids in the pool time provides an opportunity for quality family time all summer long, sans electronic devices!

… And A Quiet Oasis for You!

When the kids are gone for the day, your pool could be the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon all to yourself. An at-home pool are proven to change one’s quality of life. Create an outdoor reading nook by the pool with a custom designed masonry deck. Reap the benefits of water exercise at your own pace, meditate by the poolside, work on your sun tan, and catch a breather from the stress of daily life — all in the comfort of your own home.

Your At-Home Vacation Paradise & Health Spa

Since the luxury of a backyard pool gives your home a vacation-like effect, installing your pool at home might save money for your family down the line since a staycation may be much more appealing! You might also want to consider putting a hold on your gym membership over the summer and take up laps in the pool as your primary form of exercise. The benefit of regular water exercise is an especially appealing perk for those with physical ailments, for which exercise at the gym might be too tough on muscles and ligaments.

A Bump in Property Value

Another great reason to install an in-ground pool for your home is the boost in the value of your property. Nothing makes a beautiful home more appealing than a secret, well-designed pool in the backyard. As a bonus, our team offers masonry work such as pool walls, a deck, and more to improve the quality of your pool area and increase its appeal. Depending on location and the desire of a home-buyer, the value of a home with an in-ground pool can increase between 2-7 percent. Our team also provides options to help finance in-ground pool installment, making the cost of your pool more affordable long-term.

Skip out on public pools and crowded beaches this summer with your very own in-ground pool! It’s not too late to get started on a pool installment this summer. Contact us at 914-245-4800 to get started.

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