The Top 6 Perennials that Grow All Season

10 Aug The Top 6 Perennials that Grow All Season

For the gardener that craves bursting color throughout the season, perennials that bloom throughout the spring and summer are a wonderful choice. Like all stunning gardens, though, planting the right perennials requires some planning, a little bit of effort goes a long way with these crowd-pleasing bloomers! It doesn’t matter whether it’s spring or fall — perennials can be planted whenever you please. Read below for a list of our top 6 perennials this year, along with some helpful tips on how to keep them thriving throughout the season.


Why Grow Perennials?

While annuals are a delight for flower containers that brighten up your home, perennials are a worthwhile investment and a more economic choice in the long run. One of the greatest parts about growing perennials is that they’ll return each year. As you experiment with annuals each season, you’re bound to have a reliable garden ready for the spring when you have perennials already planted.

While some perennials only sprout up green leaves in their first year, each successive year brings blooming flowers that sometimes multiply over time and offer an opportunity to divide and replant throughout the garden. Since many of them are deeply rooted, they’re able to survive dry spells and prove to be hardier plants than annuals, requiring less maintenance over the years.

Our Picks of the Year

Stella de Oro — Translated from Italian to “a golden star,” these bright, warm flowers require little upkeep for a splash of color in the garden. Stella de Oros are best planted before the rest of  your perennial picks since they bloom early, giving your garden a base for a colorful arrangement before the other perennials begin to bloom.

Russian Sage — This plant matures into tall, sophisticated wisps of tiny lavender flowers. Russian sage dwells best in full sun with well drained soil and makes for a wonderful plant that grows in abundance all the way until autumn. They tend to fare better in dry soil. (image from

Butterfly weed — For butterfly fans, Asclepias tuberosa, or butterfly weed, is a low-maintenance perennial that attracts butterflies and eyes alike due to its showy nature. These flowers grow best in full sun with dry to medium water needs and tend to bloom all throughout the summer season.

Daisies — Who doesn’t love this classic little bloomer? A field of daisies is truly a sight to behold, and due to the abundant nature of daisy growth, it’s not difficult to obtain. We provide daisies in more variations than the standard OxEye breed; a field of other breeds like painted or garland daisies also provide a beautiful burst of color in the garden.

Aster — One of the best parts about growing asters is their long lasting bloom well into fall, before hard frosts arrive. Asters prefer a moist soil and full to partial sunlight to grow well. With the proper environment, these daisy-like perennials mostly take care of themselves.

Echinacea or Coneflower — These flowers make a bold statement in any garden. They’re among the most hardy of perennials with their ability to thrive in full heat and require less water. They also spread with daisy-like vigor and attract gorgeous butterflies and honeybees with ease.

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