Beautifying your Property for Fall

08 Sep Beautifying your Property for Fall

The beauty of your property doesn’t only thrive in spring. Enjoy these tips that will inspire your green thumb and refresh your ideas for a thriving lawn this fall!

Decorate the porch with wreaths for the door

Greet guests and come home every day to a robust ring of fall’s bounty. We love decorating the front door with a wreath of fresh flowers, leaves, pinecones, and other autumnal delights. Our team provides wreath arrangements and can help you pick the right wreath selection to perfectly coordinate with your home.

Plant fall-blooming flowers and shrubs

There are plenty of options for a bountiful yard of flowers, shrubs, and trees during the fall season. Here’s a quick selection of fall dwelling plants that will add color, warm scents, and variety:

Goldenrods fill your home with the warm colors associated with fall.

Perennial sunflowers give your lawn a punch of bright yellow amid warmer shades of orange and red.

Asters can add an element of surprise to your property, coming in colorful shades like purple and pink.

Smoke bush provides a rich, gorgeous contrast to brighter blooms in the garden.

Witch hazel can give off a citrus-y scent and sprouts fall colored leaves for your lawn.

Sumac creates a sea of luscious red over your property, perfect for an autumnal spread.

Maintain a fall garden

As temperatures lower but soil stays warm, planting a fall garden remains a fabulous option for adding color, produce, and landscaping fun to your home. Vegetables with a shorter harvest period are a great option during the season. Veggies like spinach and swiss chard can mature in as early as 45-55 days, making them an excellent choice to start growing now.

Refer to our previous blog post for tips on the best vegetables for a fall garden!

Add outdoor lighting to your home

As the days get shorter, keep your home safe by adding lights to your front porch, patio, and backyard. As an added bonus, we provide a wide range of outdoor lighting options that will increase the beauty of your property and mesh gorgeously with the shrubs and plants that line your home.

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