21 Oct Put the Garden to Bed


As we gear up for a less bountiful time of year, it can be tough to remember that building a beautiful garden for the spring season starts now. A “well rested” garden entails cleaning and covering up to stay healthy.

Continue your autumnal labor with these helpful tips to ensure a fabulous blooming season next year.
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22 Sep Fall Clean-Up Time



With autumn upon us and leaves beginning to fall from their homes on tree limbs, it’s easy for foliage to start accumulating on the lawn, disrupting the beauty and charm of your gardens and landscape.

A bright green lawn, with no dried clumps of brown and orange leaves lying around, brightens up any property and extends the fresh feel of summer just a bit longer
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18 May Thinking about Hardscaping Projects


An outdoor patio can be a great living space to relax and retreat.  This garden project area can have many interesting features.  A swimming pool would be nice.  A waterfall feature with a small pond with fish could introduce refreshing beauty and calming tranquility to a patio area.

  For an added ambiance to an outdoor area - a fireplace or fire pit can add a focal point to the patio for relaxation and entertainment.   Adding functional stone walls can add depth and beauty to any patio or garden.  Walls can also offer a spot for a collection of colorful containers.
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26 Apr Beautiful Lawns Begin With Spring Fertilizer

Source Images: DSC_0457.JPG (Av: F3.0; Tv: 1/4000 sec.; ISO: 200; FL: 20.0 mm) DSC_0458.JPG (Tv: 1/500 sec.) DSC_0456.JPG (Tv: 1/2000 sec.) Processing: Fusion F.1 (HDR; Mode 1)

Achieving a healthy beautiful lawn requires ongoing maintenance throughout the year. Too much or too little fertilizer will put stress on your lawn.

Your lawn can be a source of pride and beauty to your residence. Fertilizing in the early spring is often encouraged by fertilizer companies, because they know that the proper balance of nutrients is crucial to the health of grass.
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07 Apr Spring into Lawn & Garden Cleanup

man-hand-garden-growth copy    

After the snow has melted in early spring, it is an excellent opportunity to clean up and begin to prepare your lawn and garden for the year.

  Start your lawn and garden season by cleaning out all large dead materials – so disease does not have a chance to weaken healthy plant material. Begin cleaning up the dead leaves and other debris that have accumulated throughout the areas.
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17 Mar Gardener & Snowdrop Awaken


Winter turns to spring when daylight lengthens, and the seed catalogs begin to arrive in the mail.

    As the earth reawakens from a long, frozen slumber, this special time of year can be intoxicating to the gardener.   It is a time to reconnect to the earth via the toil and sweat of another growing season, and the gardener is ready.
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